10 Woke Feminist Websites to Follow

Do you ever feel out of touch? Like you have all these feminist urges but no time to keep up with all the latest information being discussed? We do too.

It's crazy trying to keep up with everything going on today. Part of being a feminist means being an activist. But honestly, life gets in the way: work, family, excercise, health, netflix, hulu... we understand. It happens (P.S. any Handmaid's Tale fans out there?).

Luckily we live in the digital age. Information is everywhere and literally at our fingertips. Although, the downside to having all this information is how hard it is choose which headlines to pay attention to.

We've compiled a list in no particular order, to make life a little easier for you. 

10 Woke Feminist Websites to Follow:

1. Guerrilla Feminism - What we like about it: This site does not hold back. Their blog covers topics from Decolonization to Trans Inclusivity to Pro Sex Workers and TransNational Feminism. The women of Guerrilla Feminism are nothing to fuck with. On top of writing important articles they feature real life bad ass Guerrilla Feminists in their weekly column, Guerrila Feminist Focus. 

2. Jezebel - Why we like it: This site features a fresh take on everyday current events from a woman's perspective. Their tag line is Celebrity, Sex, Fashion, for Women. Without Airbrushing. Be excited ladies! This one's for us. 

3. Brown Girl Magazine - What we like about it: Brown Girl Magazine's mission is to empower and engage those who identify as South Asian women living in the diaspora with a hyphenated identity. Yessss! This is so needed and right up our alley here at Woke Brown Feminist. Representation matters!

4. Adios Barbie - Why we like itThis site is one of the first feminist sites whose mission was to broaden the concepts of body image to include race, gender, LGBTQ, dis/ability, age and size. They continue to push awareness and action as the antidote to negative body image and they are committed to creating a world where everyone is safe and at home with who they are. Their motto is: Think freely and live fully! Wow! That is beautiful!!!

5. Everyday Feminism - Why we like itWelcome to the compassionate side of activism. Wondering what that means? Compassionate Activism supports people in healing from systemic oppression while building a capacity to respond to situations of injustice from a sense of peace and shared humanity. Everyday Feminism has a program right now helping those people in need. Living in a time that sometimes feels fueled by hatred and fear, we could use a little compassion and kindness. We love this perspective. 

6. The F-Word - Why we like itThis blog is for the minimalist in all of us. They basically do all the leg work for us. The F-Word scours the internet for the most important stories in feminism and then they summarize it and provide links to the original in their weekly round up. Thank you F-Word!

7. Wear Your Voice Mag - Why we like itThere's so much self love being taught on this site! And we're in love with it. Wear Your Voice covers feminist issues such a race, disability rights, gender, and body positivity as well as culture and lifestyle topics. They are an intersectional feminist media publication committed to deconstructing mainstream media's approach to news and culture. Let's face it. There are a lot of people not being represented correctly or at all in mainstream media. Wear Your Voice aims to change that! 

8. Feminist Current - Why we like itThis is a Canada based blog and it's good to get some perspective from our neighbors up  north. They cover those underground indie stories that we may never hear about over here in the U.S. 

9. Teen VogueWhy we like it: You may not know this, but Teen Vogue is not what you might think it is. They're woke AF over there now. A silver-lining to our current thunderstorm of a president, is that people and businesses that may have continued on with their lives aimlessly had Donald Trump not won, were forced to wake the eff up! Teen Vogue is now covering topics like Black Lives Matter, gun control, and calls for their readers to RESIST!! This is frickin' exciting for our youth and our future. 

10. FeministingWhy we like it: Here's another exciting one for our youth. Feministing is a blog that started in 2004 by two sisters, while working at the  National Organization for Women's legal defense fund. They felt that young feminists were being excluded from feminist discourse. Feministing is an online community run by and for young feminists. This is important for our youth. After all, the children are  our future. 

Stay woke!



Barbara Destinie